Building for a Sustainable World

‘Green is a trend, sustainability is a mindset’

At the core of our purpose

At Nafal, our purpose is to provide the infrastructure that is essential for Oman in a sustainable manner. For over two decades, we have been serving communities throughout the country, and now, more than ever, it is essential that we do this in a sustainable way.
Nafal’s sustainability framework, “Building for a Sustainable World,” goes beyond the “green” trend and builds upon the progress we have already made in environmental protection and creating social value in the communities we serve.

For Nafal, Sustainability is more than just a mindset – it's an attitude that strives to build a strong, meaningful business while protecting the three essential elements that are essential for any business to thrive:

  • A resilient environment
  • A resilient community (workforce, supplier & customer base)
  • A resilient balance sheet
To help spread this way of thinking throughout our business, our sustainability framework focuses on two main areas; taking care of the environment and making sure our society is socially sustainable.
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